My standard Photography Class package is about people and portraits. It includes 2 sessions, the first session outdoor using available light, the second indoor using studio flashlights.

There is a third optional session where we work at the computer using all the photos we took in the first two sessions.

Outdoor session:

I give you the choice of different locations, you may choose the one that you like most. Each location has different style and lighting. In different time of the day they provide unlimited creative solutions. In Beijing my favorite spots are: 798 (Dashanzi Art Center), Hou Hai, Ritan Park, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven.

Excluding the trasportation the shooting session last about 2 hours

Indoor Studio session:

The studio is full equipped with studio pro flashlight and backgrounds. Backgrounds are available in black, grey and white; Your camera is connected wirelessy to the flashlights. Different light modifiers like softboxes, umbrellas in different sizes, reflectors, barn doors lights are available for you to choose after I briefly introduce them and teach you how they may uniquely influence the scene.

Computer session (optional):

I instruct you how to organize the photos on your computer and using the latest software available how to make each photo a small piece of art.

The retouching class include the basic of white and color balance, cropping and change the exposure of the whole photo or a single part of it.

Clean the skin of our models for a flattering effect and apply creative effect or converting in black & white.

What is included:

  • Photographer time
  • Studio equipment (backgrounds, flashlights, light modifiers, wireless remote controls and gel filters)
  • Unlimited number of shots
  • All the original shots in RAW format on DVD

What is not included:

  • Transportation
  • Entrance fees for public parks
  • Models
  • Makeup
  • Photographic camera and lenses


For both sessions we need 1 or 2 people as model, you may have some friends or I can help to find someone. Extra fee is required and if you are interested please let me know your budget and model preferences (gender, age, Asian/western). You may also choose to have a makeup artist available during the sessions. The cost of the makeup artist varies with his/her skills

If your camera and lenses combination isn’t good enough for the session requirements I may provide you the necessary equipment for an extra fee. All my equipment is composed by Nikon Professional camera and lenses.

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